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Product Title
Pediatric Emergency Trauma Care: Current Topics And Controversies, Volume I (Trauma CME)
Feb 2017
This pediatric trauma CME resource, delivered in print and online digital formats, includes 18 trauma-specific AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits
Module 16.3: Evidence-Based Management Of Skin And Soft-Tissue Infections In The Emergency Department
Aug 2016639 views
Necrotizing fasciitis is the terrorist of skin and soft tissue infections, producing toxins resulting in necrosis and sepsis out of proportion to the number of bacteria present. Of about 3.5 million patients with SSTIs seen in the ED every year, approximately 1/700 will have necrotizing fasciitis. But two-thirds of these cases get missed on first pass. This ED CLEAR module covers clinical practices for diagnosing necrotizing fasciitis as early as possible, significantly improving the odds of a good outcome.
Evidence-Based Management Of Skin And Soft-Tissue Infections In Pediatric Patients In The Emergency Department
Feb 20151,479 views
This issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice will focus on the management of children with skin and soft-tissue infections, based on the current literature.
Pediatric Herpes Simplex Virus Infections: An Evidence-Based Approach To Treatment
Jan 20141,368 views
This issue reviews the common clinical presentations of the herpes simplex virus, the life-threatening infections that require expedient identification and management, and recommended treatment regimens.
An Evidence-Based Approach To Electrical Injuries In Children (Trauma CME)
Sep 20131,480 views
This month's issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice will address the management of electrical injuries in the pediatric patient.
Childhood Rashes That Present To The ED Part II: Fungal, G Annulare, Kawasaki Disease, Insect Related, And Molluscum
Apr 2007681 views
This month's issue continues the review of skin related infections by discussing mycotic causes, Lyme disease, pediculosis, and warts.
Childhood Rashes That Present To The ED Part I: Viral And Bacterial Issues
Mar 2007785 views
This article discusses specific common dermatologic entities within the broad categories of infectious disease, eczematous disorders, inflammatory disease, and neoplastic disease.
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