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In a recent survey, 99.2% of our subscribers said Emergency Medicine Practice
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"I subscribe to Emergency Medicine Practice, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice. All of your products are, very simply, the best bang for my CME dollar on any basis of comparison. I'm very impressed! As an active teacher and busy clinician, I use your products every single day. Keep up the excellent work!" -- Gordon Leingang, DO, FACEP, FACOEP

"Emergency Medicine Practice elevates my ability to practice medicine." Brittany Newberry, PhD, APRN, FNP

I enjoy the podcasts; great new feature since I last subscribed." Dr. Joseph K.

"The recent issue on Corticosteroids was one of your best -- and most practical -- articles. I love the fact that Pediatric EM Practice is willing to shoot down so-called "dogma" about supposedly standard of care treatments that are simply NOT proven to work! For example, I was never convinced of the evidence for steroids in spinal cord injury -- I feel vindicated when I see the evidence against it laid out so plainly in your great article today. Thank you!" -- John Boulet, MD

"Emergency Medicine Practice is current, evidence-based, and provides A LOT of good, practical information that helps my practice." Mark Gersten, MD, FACEP

Great article on sepsis! I enjoyed the podcast as well. This will change my practice. Thanks!" Dr. Andrew M.

"I find EB Medicine to be an invaluable and authoritative resource for myself and our hospital. The service we have received has been excellent, and I am very grateful to all of you for that." Peter Hercules, MD

"I have been a satisfied subscriber to Emergency Medicine Practice from its inception for several reasons. The main reason was the evidence-based approach the founders took to my discipline's pertinent topics. A close second is my attraction to resources that strive to remain untainted by commercial bias, a stance that EMP has maintained from start-up. Customer service has always been superior. Lastly, Emergency Medicine Practice keeps its finger on the pulse of subscribers like me by providing an opportunity to submit feedback immediately after completing the online CME. Your services have evolved nicely over time - keep up the good work!" -- Mike Goldstone, MD, MPH, FACEP

"I have now purchased Emergency Medicine Practice and EMedHome.com and I must admit that your product has clear superiority when it comes to depth of investigation of a given clinical issue. The only product that comes close is
Emergency Medicine Reports. In comparison, you have better organization, more useful action plans and questions that can actually be answered in a timely manner on review of the content. The Emergency Medicine Practice stroke edition was downright spectacular. I never liked lytics for stroke much, and found the debate highly politicized. Now finally I have a balanced, exhaustively investigated declaration of reasonable action plans. Your work is helping the House of Emergency Medicine." -- Rob Oelhaf, MD, FAAEM

“As I have gotten older, I have tried to concentrate on two things in medicine: (1) substantial reading in my fields of study and board certification (pediatrics and pediatric hematology) and (2) critical topics that are front and center in emergency medicine. I have cancelled many of my journals that I have been getting for years as the expense and the clinical yield are just not what they once were. That is, except EB Medicine's publications. There is no question that the Emergency Medicine Practice and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice package is well worth the cost of many of the journals to which I once subscribed. The information is germane to my life and work in medicine. I have been a physician for 33 wonderful years and still am going. I can't really think that very much compares to EB Medicine's publications for their clinical utility, their ease of interpretation and assimilation, and their cost. LWW and Elsevier, fine companies themselves, no longer compare in related products to EB Medicine's journals. Thanks very much.” -- Joseph Calderazzo, MD

"Emergency Medicine Practice has practical evidence-based articles that seem to zero in on the more common but confounding problems I run into in the ER. I have found that most of the reports have changed or improved the way I manage patients." -- Michael A. Vaughn, PA-C, Blairsville, GA

"Excellent reviews in both pediatric and adult EM situations. It provides an excellent update/review of the EM practice and provides significant CME hours without leaving home. I have retained every copy I have received for the past 5 or so years. The reviews are always up-to-date and accurate and readily applicable to my daily practice. The flow charts are used in my ED every day."
-- Stephen Shy, DO, MBA, Huntington, WV

"Our success as clinicians is based on how much effort we put into learning. EB Medicine has made that so much easier and has helped us a lot! "- Kirsten Miller, MSPAS, PA-C, PA Education Coordinator, Emergency Medicine, Children's National

"Thanks for preparing educational material that approaches complaints just like I have to do in practice. This publication is great. The clinical pathways are handy. I highly recommend this publication to any emergency physician. -- M.S., Glasgow, KY

"I really can't say enough about how great the publication is. I feel confident that it is timely and is state-of-the-art evidence-based information. I believe that if I use the information to help guide my practice, I will be delivering better and more efficient care. Emergency Medicine Practice is considered to be an excellent resource by our group, consisting of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants."
-- Linda Land, NP, Fresno, CA

"Great Series. Well balanced and referenced. State-of-the-art. I love the flow sheets and "Excuses That Won't Work In Court" [Pitfalls To Avoid]." -- E.N., Stoneham, MA

"I love your topics and your evidence-based medicine approach as well as how you cover controversial aspects of each topic. And very importantly, I perceive a very unbiased publication unlike some others. The algorithms are highly appreciated for those of us on the front lines."
-- David Wagner, MD, Chino Hills, CA

"Emergency Medicine PRACTICE is right on target. It's medicine for the real world-the world of managed care, high risk, and lightning-paced clinical advances."
-- Craig Alan Sinkinson, MD, Council, ID

"The Best CME available for ERP's at the best price also. One of the things I value most is that it is not influenced by pharmaceutical companies and gives very accurate UNBIASED opinion. -- J.P., Joplin, MO

"Practical and honest about the current state of the literature. I appreciate the high-quality medical information."
-- Clifford Fields, DO, East Greenwich, RI

"Your approach to CME is the most stimulating and enjoyable I have encountered in my 27 years of practice. Thanks." -- C.K., Denver, CO

"I have got to tell you-the Emergency Medicine Practice journal is the best-quality emergency medicine learning tool I have seen in my lifetime. In my line of work, I receive and regularly review many sources of information, and this publication is second to none. The effort put into the creation of this publication is evident in every page. Thank you for the tremendous value."
-- Stephen J. Schueler, MD, FACEP, Rockledge, FL

"Your articles are very useful in preparing one for a case that we all will see in our lifetime of practice and when we do, what we do in those 4-5 minutes are critical. Thank you." -- R.S.J., Minoa, NY

“Concise clinical points and review. It's what I want to know in my EM practice. My #1 source of post-residency education."
-- Thomas Boyer, DO, De Ridder, LA

"Excellent articles. I especially like how topics are organized as symptoms-i.e., how a patient presents as opposed to a specific diagnosis. Very unbiased-no author conflict of interest."
-- Thomas Pollehn, MD, Arlington, VA

"Thanks again for superlative material and testing via internet. The immediate CME certificates are great." -- D.B.K., Berkley, MI

"This is the best CME! I look forward to each issue."
-- John Madden, MD, Newark, DE

"Excellent product. My most valuable subscription."
Ken Flowe, MD, Roxboro, NC

“I really appreciate the way you present the material; it is both practical and to the point, which allows the practitioner a clear and focused reference that can be extremely helpful in the busy atmosphere of the emergency room, where you just don't have the time to wade through countless pages of information to get the pearls you are looking for to help guide your treatment. Thank you for this service. I have my articles organized in a binder which allows me a quick everyday reference if needed, both for myself and for a teaching reference for other colleagues that might be new to Emergency Medicine." Wayne Sizemore, PA-C, New Castle, NH

“I have been a subscriber going on my second year. Your publication is the most relevant and interesting one I have read in years. I cannot tell you how many physicians look over my shoulder to read or ask to borrow my issues. Your service in providing me back issues before I was fortunate to subscribe is always very pleasant and very quick delivery.” -- Stuart Solomon, MD, Cherry Hill, NJ

Emergency Medicine Practice is the best, most concrete, and incredibly precise emergency publication available. It gets straight to the point and provides information so relevant that I feel it was written especially for me.”
-- Eduardo F. Talavera, MD, Doral, FL

"I read the article on Influenza as soon as it appeared online, which was the night before a large meeting of our staff leaders involved in emergency preparedness.  Around the table were administrators, nurses, pharmacists, security, physicians, and other department heads all dealing with our hospital's preparations for the influenza pandemic. After reading the article, I was able to ask key questions about our preparations.  For example, I did not know before reading the article that pharmacists are comfortable compounding Tami flu tablets into elixir for children.  That had already been a concern for us in the ED when faced with children at risk that needed the elixir.  I also felt better prepared to understand the epidemiology of seasonal and H1N1 flu and the current diagnostic and treatment recommendations.  I had a copy of the article with me and recommended it to the other department heads at the meeting because it was such an exceptional article, and the information was trustworthy because the editors had already done the hard work of wading through all the literature and including the most relevant literature in the article.  I have always benefited from the tables and graphs that accompany EB Medicine’s Emergency Medicine Practice, and this article was full of useful tables that summarized the highlights of the article.  Over the time I have subscribed, I have used so many of the issues for my own use -- but also to change our practices at work.  I have e-mailed other department heads to see if we have or could get labs, medications, or protocols for our hospital mentioned in many subjects. The issues are timely and make me confident that I am practicing state-of-the-art-medicine by incorporating their recommendations into my practice. I also use them when I prepare my lectures for colleagues, residents, and EMTs." -- Bruce Thompson, MD, Honeoye Falls, NY

"I have been with Emergency Medicine Practice since you started. I enjoy the thorough and well written reports that I use every day. Thanks for such a great product!" -- Dr Stu Hickerson M.D.

"Emergency Medicine Practice is an essential resource to help residents stay up with good practice once they graduate to the "real world." -- Charles Stiles, MD, FACEP, ATP, CFII, MEII, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at Texas A&M

"I love to teach, and Emergency Medicine Practice is excellent for teaching for so many reasons -- format, relevance, up-to-date information, and, of course, evidence-based." -- Mark Holcomb, KU Medical

"Well organized information that is helpful and relevant to my daily practice. Thank you for putting together such a great resource."-- Danielle Kelly, PA-C


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Updated 8/9/18

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