EB Medicine Commits to 100% Human Authorship and Review in Publications

Long-trusted source of clinical education reaffirms the value and necessity of ‘human touch’ in content development.

August 1, 2023 - Atlanta - In light of increasing use in our society of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform a variety of tasks and functions, EB Medicine has developed a policy and issued the following statement about the use of AI, thus reaffirming the merit of its human-led process for producing clinical medical education and content:

Statement on the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in Content Production

“At EB Medicine, we produce content for emergency medicine and urgent care clinicians that is evidence-based and peer reviewed, and at the same time infused with an understanding of the realities of clinical practice, human behavior, and institutional and social limitations that only humans can apply. For these reasons, EB Medicine assures our readers and subscribers that all authors of our content have certified that they have not used generative AI-assisted technology in the writing of their manuscript and that clinical pathways and images are human-designed.”

In addition, EB Medicine has developed and deployed the following “AI-FREE CONTENT” logo that will be displayed prominently to signify that practicing clinicians have created and reviewed all EB Medicine content:

EB Medicine Commits to 100% Human Authorship and Review in Publications

“Machine intelligence is in its infancy, and at least for the foreseeable future, AI is no replacement for or equal to the clinical gestalt that comes along with practicing medicine,” says Andy Jagoda, MD, FACEP, Editor-in-Chief of Emergency Medicine Practice, the flagship publication for EB Medicine. “We’ve always followed a rigorous editorial process, from concept to completion. We capitalize on the expertise of practicing physicians who appraise the latest and best evidence and put it in context of real-life practice. Peer review adds yet another degree of rigor.”

“Our publications, at their core, are human endeavors,” says Tim Horeczko, MD, MSCR, FACEP, FAAP, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice. “Their purpose, and the driving force for those of us involved in their creation, is to help our colleagues in medicine to understand the realities of clinical practice in caring for others.”

Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine, adds, “For nearly 25 years, EB Medicine has relied on qualified medical professionals to conceive, write, and review all our content. We want physicians and advanced practice clinicians to have the assurance that everything we produce is evidence based and focused on the practical application of the evidence. We may use AI to boost productivity in other ways, but not to cut corners when it comes to producing our content.”

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