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Get trustworthy, evidence-based resources for your clinicians.

Unlimited access for your entire team to more than 300 evidence-based topics with 60-second summaries, time and cost savings, and practice tips that clinicians can implement right away. EB Medicine has been reliably serving this industry for more than 20 years, and now your urgent care team can benefit from all our expertise.


Promote uniform best practices.

Your team gets consistent, proven approaches to treating patients in urgent care—with all of our education resources. Your team will share a common suite of practical tools for everyday practice—including flowcharts, treatment suggestions, quick-reference charts, point-of-care calculators, risk-management pitfalls to avoid, decision-support tools, and more.


Empower Your Clinicians.

Empower everyone on your urgent-care team toward continuous-improvement performance. With a variety of formats for accessing our content—online, video, podcasts, print and digital articles, books, and more—means you can meet the needs of your team and accommodate the preferences of individual learners.


Get personalized service and administrative help.

You get a dedicated account executive to help you and your team make the most or our resources. Your dedicated account executive helps relieve administrative burdens and can walk you through assigning training modules to your team, monitor your team's engagement and progress, and keep you current.


Generate a Positive ROI.

Empowering your clinicians with better education will drive positive experiences for patients, who will be more likely to return or refer others, driving more revenue and boosting your urgent care’s reputation. Your team also gets best-practice coding tips to increase reimbursement rates and improve documentation.


Track. Measure.
Simplify. Comply.

You get customized reports, delivered at your desired frequency, for tracking your team’s progress on learning the latest standards of care and mastering compliance with board and regulatory requirements.

Onboarding Education That Helps Clinicians Get Up to Speed Quickly

The Laceration Course

The Laceration Course

Maybe you have switched jobs and need a refresher on laceration management. Or you've been suturing for years but want to learn the latest evidence and best practices. Or you manage an emergency department or urgent-care facility and want to ensure your clinicians are fully competent with this vital skill. This 13-module online video course covers the anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and mechanics of lacerations—from simple to complex wound repairs—with step-by-step guidance, demos, and practical tips to make the lessons stick.

EKG Course

The Urgent Care EKG Course

The Urgent Care EKG Course gives you practical, hands-on, time-tested techniques for enhancing clinical skills, improving accuracy of EKG interpretation, and, boosting clinician confidence. Our expert-guided self-study course picks up where your academic program and previous training likely left off.

EKG Course

Continuing Education That Helps Clinicians Excel in Urgent Care

EBUC Promo

Evidence-Based Urgent Care

Evidence-Based Urgent Care keeps urgent care clinicians informed and current on relevant, practical topics. Every month, you receive a comprehensive, evidence-based, peer-reviewed course focused on a real-life issue in urgent care—including graphics and charts, differential diagnoses tables, risk- management pearls, and other resources to inform your clinical decision-making. You can even earn CME credits. It's all developed specifically for urgent care clinicians—with input from members of the College of Urgent Care Medicine and Urgent Care Association–and produced by EB Medicine, the most trusted provider of evidence-based emergency medicine education.

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