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Diagnosing and Managing Common Genital Emergencies in Pediatric Girls

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Points and Pearls Excerpt

  • Unestrogenized tissues in prepubertal girls can lead to significant bleeding at the time of injury; however, spontaneous hemostasis is generally achieved by the time the medical evaluation is complete.
  • Children should never be forced into a genitourinary examination position. Having the child sit on a parent’s lap in a supine, frog-leg position can make the examination more comfortable for some children. Anxiolysis or procedural sedation may be required if the child is uncooperative.
  • Patients with genitourinary emergencies should be evaluated for evidence of urinary obstruction.
  • Traumatic genitoanal injuries can be classified using an injury severity score. (See Table 2.) Scores of II or greater may warrant specialty consultation.

Most Important References

To Read The Companion Article:
To Read The Companion Article:
To Read The Companion Article:
Publication Information

Michelle K. Arzubi-Hughes, DO, FAAP; Laila A. Salts, MD; Melanie A. Weller, MD

Peer Reviewed By

David M. Walker, MD; Winnie T. Whitaker, MD, FAAP

Publication Date

October 2, 2018

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