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Practice Suture Kit
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All-In-One Suture Practice Kit  - Training Kit for Medical Students, PA & NP Students, Residents, and Practicing Clinicians

Includes a durable silicone suture pad, instruments, and carrying case

  • Developed in partnership with and recommended by a board-certified emergency physician with 15+ years’ experience in managing complex lacerations.
  • The only practice suture kit with 3D lips. 
  • Food-grade silicone material that's soft, durable, and doesn't smell.
  • 15 pre-cut wounds to simulate realistic skin injuries that you will encounter in the clinical setting.
  • Built-in horizontal and “V-Type” mesh creates a reusable tear-resistant pad, closely resembling human skin that will allow you to practice a wide variety of suture techniques multiple times.
  • Convenient carrying case to store and transport your practice suture kit

All-In-One Package

  • High quality suture pad x 1
  • 14 cm needle driver x 1
  • Iris scissors x 1
  • Flat Adson tweezers x 1
  • Adson tweezers with teeth x 1
  • 3# Scalpel handle x 1
  • 10# Scalpel x 3
  • 3/0 nylon suture x 4
  • 4/0 nylon suture x 4
  • 5/0 nylon suture x 2
  • 3/0 silk suture x 4
  • 4/0 silk suture x 4
  • 5/0 silk suture x 2
  • Big lether case x 1

This specially designed suture pad has 15 pre-cut wounds of varying shapes, sizes, and complexity to challenge you and simulate real-world clinical scenarios. It's constructed of food-grade silicone with 3 levels: epidermis, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle.

Reinforced by horizontal mesh in the simulated epidermal layer of the silicone pad, along with high-quality instruments, this unique suture kit will provide you with amazing training opportunities.


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