The new EB Medicine website is expected to be launched in the second week of January 2019



EB Medicine Announces Its New Website Is Coming in 2019


August 21, 2018 - Atlanta, GA – EB Medicine, the publisher of Emergency Medicine Practice and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, is excited to announce the design of its new website. The new website is expected to be launched in the second week of January 2019. This modern and fresh design will be intuitive, mobile-friendly, and fun to use.

EB Medicine reported on the work and discussed the steps, parties, and stages involved in such a project. Extensive research was done to ascertain the needs and make sure that all emergency medicine clinicians were equally represented and well-served with the new site. Interviews and surveys were conducted to determine what clinicians were looking for and best designs for delivering the content.

A team of expert web-designers was engaged, and the building of the new site began. EB Medicine is happy to report that the first stage of this project is nearing completion, and they are ready to share the new homepage! "We are looking forward to launching our new website. With its simplicity and ease of navigation, it will be a great tool for all emergency clinicians!" - says Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine.

EB Medicine New Home Page


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