Press Release: SW & DW Appeared on CEO Exclusive Radio Show

Press Release

Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine, and Dorothy Whisenhunt,
Director of Editorial Quality, Appeared on CEO Exclusive Radio Show.

April 19, 2016 – Atlanta, GA – Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine, a leading Atlanta-based medical education and training company, appeared on the CEO Exclusive Radio Show along with Dorothy Whisenhunt, Director of Editorial Quality, on Tuesday, April 19th during the 8:00 a.m. segment. They addressed how EB Medicine continues to help physicians make the most educated, evidence-based decisions, to improve care and provide better outcomes for their patients, and they discussed the importance of building trust in an organization.

Stephanie and Dorothy are both very passionate about the mission of EB Medicine and the goals they have been working toward as a company—which is to provide emergency medicine clinicians with the knowledge necessary to do their jobs exceedingly well, helping to empower them to save lives every day. Emergency medicine is ever changing, and physicians within this field never stop learning. EB Medicine is proud to play a role in the education and training of the dedicated physicians within this specialty.

On the radio show, Stephanie shared that EB Medicine is launching a new blended learning product that is primarily focused on reducing errors in the diagnosis or treatment that lead to malpractice claims. The new program, called ED CLEAR – Emergency Department Clinical Learning To Eliminate Avoidable Risk – has resulted in a 14% risk reduction for Emergency Service Partners, who has used the program in its beta form for 4 years.

"We are very excited about the official launch of ED CLEAR and look forward to helping emergency clinicians all over the world provide optimal outcomes for their patients," said Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine. This will be a monumental launch for EB Medicine, as we have evolved into a highly sought after education and training resource for physicians in addition to our flagship continuing medical education (CME) journal, Emergency Medicine Practice. EB Medicine continues to grow and leads the medical publishing industry with innovative new products and resources.

Visit CEO Exclusive Radio to hear the interview with Stephanie and Dorothy. Visit LinkedIn for an article summarizing key takeaways from the show, including tips for creating trust in organizations. 

About EB Medicine

EB Medicine is the premier provider of evidence-based clinical content for emergency medicine practitioners. Monthly journals — including Emergency Medicine Practice and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice — are delivered in print, digital, and mobile formats. Annual books – including the LLSA Study Guide, Emergency Trauma Care, and Advances & Controversies In Stroke – are delivered in print and digital formats and include highly sought after continuing education. EB Medicine’s resources address real challenges in diagnosis and treatment and give actionable recommendations based upon the latest research and best-available evidence. These resources provide ongoing education and guidance to physicians, residents, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. For more information, visit

EB Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for clinicians. For more information on EB Medicine and their enhanced product line, contact Stephanie Williford (; 678-366-7933).

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