Amin Antoine Kazzi, MD, FAAEM

Amin Antoine Kazzi, MD, FAAEM

Amin Antoine Kazzi, MD, FAAEM is a Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and the Founding Emeritus Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the AUB Medical Center.

Dr. Kazzi moved to Beirut in 2006 to establish the specialty in Lebanon, where he played a lead role working with an exceptional team of stellar faculty. This resulted in the establishment of an academic department of Emergency Medicine, the first in the Middle East, and three residency programs across Lebanon, including an ACGMI-accredited Emergency Medicine program at AUB.

Dr. Kazzi is well known across the world for his leadership role in establishing the exceptional Mediterranean EM Congresses, for his service in executive and leadership roles in a number of professional societies, and, in particular, as President for the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He founded and published as Chief Editor two editions of Rules of the Road for Medical Students. He also played a key role as founding Vice Chair for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, Irvine, and as managing editor for the California Journal of Emergency Medicine (which then became the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine).

Dr. Kazzi has earned a number of key national leadership and recognition awards, the most important being named the second of three honorees designated Master of the Academy of Emergency Medicine (MAAEM), the EuSEM-AAEM Founders Award, and the David Wagner Award for special impact in the specialty.


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