Press Release: Expert Authors Discuss Hospital Planning For Terrorist Disasters

Press Release: Expert Authors Discuss Hospital Planning For Terrorist Disasters

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January 15, 2010
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Expert Authors Discuss Hospital Planning For Terrorist Disasters

Terrorist attacks may be less likely to occur than other types of disasters, but they can have far greater impacts on hospital operations.

In order to develop a robust and effective emergency preparedness plan, hospital leaders should build on previous experiences with disaster management, especially with respect to human behavior, as well as on published research. Integration and coordination with the community is also vital to avoid operating in isolation, to minimize the negative effects on society, and to ensure a robust plan that addresses the 4 phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. "Hospital Planning For Terrorist Disasters: A Community-Wide Approach" complements existing resources, such as the US Department of Health and Human Services" Public Health Emergency Response Guide, and assists hospital planners in preparing for terrorism events and other disasters.

In "Hospital Planning For Terrorist Disasters: A Community-Wide Approach," expert authors, Dr. Solisis Deynes, Dr. Christopher Kahn, and Dr. Kristi L. Koenig, discuss information to assist hospital leaders in preparing for terrorism events and other disasters, including:

  • The Four Phases of Comprehensive Emergency Management (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery)
  • The Incident Command System and the Emergency Operations Center
  • Disaster Triage
  • Cadaver Identification and Disposal
  • Managing Victims
  • Managing Staff
  • Ensuring Security, Facility Evacuation and Alternate Care Sites
  • Community-Wide Planning
  • Disease Control
  • Communications
  • Managing the Media
  • Credentialing Health Care Staff
  • Managing Non-Medical Volunteers and Donations
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Decontamination, Surge Capacity, and START Triage

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