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Get Emergency Medicine Practice, Pediatric EM Practice, Trauma Care, Stroke Care, & More!

Your team of emergency clinicians wants CME that's cutting edge and engaging - and quick and easy. Leadership is looking for training that boosts provider performance, outcomes, and patient satisfaction scores - all on a tight budget. It's a tall order - and your job to make it all happen. (No pressure!)

EB Medicine has been serving emergency medicine groups of all sizes, all across the country, since we launched our Emergency Medicine Practice journal in 1999. That's because you can achieve the following goals with us in your corner and our complete suite of CME solutions available to your team:

Promote uniform best practices. Our CME connects your clinicians and unifies them around consistent approaches to emergency care. Your team will share a common suite of practical tools for everyday emergency practice, including flowcharts, treatment suggestions, quick-reference charts, point-of-care calculators, risk management pitfalls, decision-support scales and scores, and more.

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Make providers happy. A variety of formats (online, video, podcasts, print and digital articles, books, and more) means you can meet the needs and accommodate the preferences of individual learners, from Baby Boomers to Millennials. Clinicians love our mobile-friendly website and easy CME testing - especially the ease of getting all their credits from one source and their CME certificates on demand.

Provide access to time-tested resources your clinicians will value and trust. Since 1999, EB Medicine counts more than 38,000 emergency clinicians served. Our MEDLINE-indexed journals, Emergency Medicine Practice and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, improve the way clinicians practice every day.

Hand off administrative burdens. You'll have an account executive dedicated to helping you succeed. No calling into a call center! You'll have a direct line to a friendly rep who can initiate new training and send "friendly reminders" to prompt action. D-I-Y or we can do it for you.

Track. Measure. Simplify. Comply. We can generate customized reports, organized to your liking, and delivered at your desired frequency. Quarterly check-ins eliminate surprises. You'll always know who's on track -- or not! -- on the latest standards of care and in compliance with board and regulatory requirements.

Tailor your training. Right size. Right fit. EB Medicine has CME resources suited to everyone on your team, including the specialists among your emergency medicine clinicians. We offer regular doses of pediatric, trauma, stroke, ethics, pharmacology, cardiac, pain management, and other kinds of credit. Plus, we fit our solutions to your corporate infrastructure; there's never, ever pressure or prerequisite to purchase proprietary and/or redundant software or systems.

Stretch your budget. EB Medicine has special deals and deep discounts for group practices, hospitals and systems, academic medical centers, and other institutions with 5 or more clinicians.

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Here's What Our Group Customers Say...

"I find EB Medicine to be an invaluable and authoritative resource for myself and our hospital. The service we have received has been excellent, and I am very grateful to all of you for that."

— Peter Hercules, MD, Medical Director, King’s Daughters Medical Center

"Using the Pediatric Trauma Kit and Emergency Stroke Care resources helped us meet our pediatric, trauma, stroke, and cardiac CME requirements this year. The feedback from our practitioners was positive, and the process was easy to implement. We look forward to using EB Medicine again next year."

— Reggie Dvorak, VP Of Operations, Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists

"We have used EB Medicine's Emergency Trauma Care product for several years, and we could not be more pleased. The ease of the program ensures our physicians obtain their CMEs timely and without any hassle. And EB Medicine's customer service is outstanding; they are always available to help. We would definitely recommend EB Medicine's services to others."

— Carah Maronay, Division Administrator, District Medical Group

"This is the best site for tracking my entire group's CME."

— Brad Campbell, DO, San Juan Regional Medical Center

"EB Medicine's journals are one of the best investments you can make in developing yourself as a knowledgeable physician in a clinical environment. Their resources are very thorough, and it is wonderful getting all you can learn from a well-written article. I've used EB Medicine for over 10 years and really do enjoy it. They're authoritative, well written, and timely. I have always been considered a well-read doctor because of these journals."

— Josef Aponte, Jr., DO


Leading emergency physician-owned group practices, hospitals, and systems in the U.S. and around the world depend on EB Medicine for high-impact, evidence-based journals and CME resources to stay up to date and up to standard. Here are just a few of our happy, long-term group customers:


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