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Drowning In The Adult Population: Emergency Department Resuscitation And Treatment (Trauma CME)
May 2015
Resuscitating and treating adult drowning patients in the emergency department, including pathophysiology of drowning and concerns such as hypothermia, mechanical ventilation, and trauma. Includes 4 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Included as part of the 4 credits, this CME activity is eligible for 4 Trauma CME credits. CME expires on 05/01/2018.
The 2015 Lifelong Learning And Self-Assessment Study Guide
Jan 2015
Get this digital 2015 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Study Guide for only $99! This study guide will prepare you for the ABEM LLSA examination, and includes 35 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM, with 3 trauma credits. CME Expires on 12/01/2023.
Heat Illness In The Emergency Department: Keeping Your Cool
Aug 2014
This review examines the physiology, diagnosis, and treatment of exertional, classic, and drug-induced hyperthermia.
Pediatric Envenomations: Don't Get Bitten By An Unclear Plan Of Care (Trauma CME)
Aug 2014
This review presents the basic epidemiology of bites and stings of spiders, bees and wasps, fire ants, scorpions, and snakes, but it primarily focuses on the underlying pathophysiology and clinical presentation of the envenomated patient. While the pathophysiology and much of the presentation and treatment are the same for both children and adults, there are occasionally subtle differences, which will be highlighted. The management and disposition of pediatric patients for each type of bite or sting will also be discussed.
Emergency Department Management Of Calcium-Channel Blocker, Beta Blocker, And Digoxin Toxicity
Feb 2014
This review provides an evidence- based overview of the emergency department management of calcium-channel blocker overdose, beta blocker overdose, and digoxin toxicity.
An Evidence-Based Approach To Electrical Injuries In Children (Trauma CME)
Sep 2013
This month's issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice will address the management of electrical injuries in the pediatric patient.
Treatment Of Pediatric Patients With Jaundice In The ED
Dec 2010
This issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice provides the results of these evidencebased studies and the most up-to-date guidelines to assist the emergency clinician in caring for pediatric patients presenting with jaundice.
An Evidence-Based Review Of Dehydration In The Pediatric Patient
Jan 2010
This issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice discusses Dehydration In The Pediatric Patient
An Evidence-Based Approach To Cocaine-Associated Emergencies
Jan 2008
This issue of Emergency Medicine Practice discusses the general management of cocaine-associated emergencies. Additionally, it will make evidence-based recommendations for the treatment and disposition of these patients.
Pediatric Toxicology Update: Rational Management of Pediatric Exposures and Poisonings
May 2007
Toxic exposures present a unique set of issues to clinicians caring for children. Children commonly ingest household products and sometimes are exposed to medications that are taken by others living in the household. The clinician must be quick to recognize potentially dangerous exposures in order to intervene and prevent or mitigate adverse outcomes. Fortunately, the majority of pediatric ingestions involve unintentional exposure to small doses of nontoxic or minimally toxic substances. However, it is those few truly toxic exposures that demonstrate the invaluable role played by a skilled emergency physician. This review will primarily focus on pediatric poison exposures in children ages six years and under.
Altitude Illness: Strategies In Prevention, Identification, And Treatment
Mar 2007
This issue of Emergency Medicine Practice provides a comprehensive overview of the spectrum of altitude illness with a focus on prevention strategies and life saving interventions in the eventuality for severe disease.
"Are You Taking Any Medications" Herbal Toxicities And Their Manifestations In The ED
Jan 2005
This issue of Emergency Medicine Practice discusses what is currently known about herbal toxicology.
Bioterrorism And The Emergency Physician: On The Front Lines
Jul 2002
This issue of Emergency Medicine Practice provides answers to these and other pressing questions.
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