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<< Gastrointestinal Bleeding: An Evidence-Based ED Approach To Risk Stratification


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The key to managing patients with GI bleeding is effective risk stratification. The initial treatment of most cases of GI hemorrhage is relatively straightforward, involving the potential administration of only a few possible medications and cardiovascular supportive therapy. Over the past few decades, gastroenterologists have developed endoscopic techniques that have profoundly profoundly changed the way physicians manage patients with GI bleeding. Consultation with a gastroenterologist who can perform prompt endoscopy is now a key component in managing patients with GI bleeding.

By using the information available in the medical history, the physical examination, and the results of endoscopy, emergency physicians can take much of the mystery out of managing patients with GI bleeding.

Publication Information

John L. Westhoff; Kurtis R. Holt

Publication Date

March 1, 2004

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