Cannabis - Cannabinoid - Hyperemesis Syndrome - Acute Intoxication - Haloperidol | Digest

<< Cannabinoids: Emerging Evidence in Use and Abuse

Points and Pearls Digest

Points and Pearls Excerpt

  • Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance in the United States. States that have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes are showing increased rates of marijuana abuse and dependence.
  • When there is concern for drug intoxication, the patient’s clothing should be searched on arrival for drugs and paraphernalia that could point to the substance used.
  • The neuropsychiatric and addictive properties of cannabis are primarily due to delta-9-THC.
  • The shortest duration to peak plasma levels of delta-9-THC is through the inhalational route. Effects can be seen within 3 minutes.

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