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Episode 15

Jaundice in the Emergency Department: Meeting the Challenges of Diagnosis and Treatment

Date: 4/1/2018 | Length: 31:35

Show Notes

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Jeff: Welcome back to EMplify, the podcast corollary to EB Medicine’s Emergency Medicine Practice. I’m Jeff Nusbaum, and I’m back once again with my co-host, Nachi Gupta. We’ll be taking you through the April 2018 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice: Jaundice in the Emergency Department: Meeting the Challenges of Diagnosis and Treatment.

Nachi: This is a huge change of pace from our last two episodes – on inhalational injuries and thermal burns - but definitely an important topic, especially at our liver referral center.

Jeff: Yea, definitely important at a liver center, but let’s not act like jaundice is specific to the large academic centers, as there are approximately 52,000 ED visits a year for patients with jaundice.

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Meet the Hosts

Nachi Gupta MD, PhD

Jeff Nusbaum, MD

Drs. Gupta and Nusbaum are practicing emergency physicians. Join Jeff, a former firefighter, and Nachi, a former mathematician, as they take you through the April 2018 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice: Jaundice in the Emergency Department: Meeting the Challenges of Diagnosis and Treatment.

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