Prehospital Care | Pediatric Heat-Related Illness

<< Pediatric Heat-Related Illness: Recommendations for Prevention and Management

Prehospital Care

Prior to emergency medical service (EMS) provider arrival, prehospital care for a patient with exertional heat-related illness may include immediate care provided by coaches and athletic trainers on the scene. Once a heat-related illness is suspected, the patient should be removed from the environmental heat source and placed in a cool, shaded area. If applicable, the equipment, uniform, or clothing should be removed and oral rehydration initiated while waiting for EMS arrival. If available, rapid cooling with immersion in a tub of ice water should be considered. In an online survey of 1142 athletic trainers, most were compliant with therapeutic interventions for heat-related illness in removing equipment (98%) and placing the patient in a shaded area (91%), but few had active strategies for calling EMS (29%).56

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