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<< Identifying Emergency Department Patients With Chest Pain Who Are at Low Risk for Acute Coronary Syndromes

EMplify Podcast

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EMplify Podcast

EMplify Podcast

This month's episode of EMplify, a podcast corollary to the Emergency Medicine Practice journal, focuses on identifying emergency department patients with chest pain who are at low risk for acute coronary syndromes. Hosts Jeff Nusbaum, MD, and Nachi Gupta, MD, discuss risk stratifying patients, and determining which testing pathways are needed.

This podcast is based on the full-length review published in the July 2017 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice.  This issue was authored by Dr. David Markel, of Tacoma Emergency Care Physicians and was reviewed by Dr. Keith Marill from Mass General and Dr. Andrew Schmidt of the University of Florida College of Medicine.  Dr. Markel reviewed over 600 articles, and 8 sets of national guidelines to come up with this evidence-based deep dive.

Topics covered in this episode of EMplify include

  • Background of ED visits for chest pain
    • ACS
    • STEMNI
    • NSTEMI
  • Differential for chest pain
  • Prehospital Care
  • Emergency Department Care
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Troponins
  • The TIMI Score
  • The HEART score
  • The Vancouver Chest Pain Rule
  • The North American Chest Pain Rule
  • MDCalc.com
  • Treatment
  • Summary of the key points

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David Markel, MD

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July 1, 2017

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July 31, 2020

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