<< Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Children: Diagnosis And Management In The Emergency Department

Time- And Cost-Effective Strategies

  • Noninvasive CO detection with pulse CO-oximetry may decrease the time to diagnosis of CO poisoning and to referral to an HBO facility, though its cost effectiveness has yet to be studied. In a study by Hampson, patients screened with pulse CO-oximetry were referred to an HBO facility 1 hour sooner than those not screened with pulse CO-oximetry, which may save personnel time and resources in the referring ED.131 
    Risk management caveat: All COHb levels obtained from noninvasive pulse CO-oximeters must be confirmed with a laboratory blood sample, as the precision of these devices is +/- 3% at 1 standard deviation, varies in patient populations, and is not validated in children.

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