Toxic Alcohol | Controversies In The Management Of Toxic Alcohol Exposure

<< Toxic Alcohol Ingestion: Prompt Recognition and Management in the Emergency Department (Critical Care Topic and Pharmacology CME)

Controversies In The Management Of Toxic Alcohol Exposure

The cost-effectiveness of antidotal therapy versus hemodialysis in patients with markedly elevated concentrations of a toxic alcohol is unclear. More clinical studies are needed to determine when a short course of hemodialysis may be more cost-effective than a prolonged course of IV fomepizole.80

Sodium bicarbonate infusion for methanol and ethylene glycol exposure is warranted in the critically ill patient with severe metabolic acidosis, but more data are needed to determine when this is indicated.At this time, hemodialysis is the preferred therapy for metabolic acidosis resulting from toxic alcohol exposure, and sodium bicarbonate should be used for severe acidosis while waiting for dialysis.22

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