Toxic Alcohol | Isopropanol Poisoning

<< Toxic Alcohol Ingestion: Prompt Recognition and Management in the Emergency Department (Critical Care Topic and Pharmacology CME)

Isopropanol Poisoning

Etiology And Pathophysiology

Isopropanol, or isopropyl alcohol, is most commonly encountered as a 70% solution sold as household rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.151 It is also used as a solvent in commercially available personal and household products and in pharmaceuticals.Isopropanol is more intoxicating than ethanol and may be substituted for ethanol as an intoxicant, given its low cost and ready availability. Unintentional exposures have been reported with use of topical rubbing alcohol in large amounts and in accidental ingestion in pediatric patients.152,153 Isopropanol ingestion is reported more frequently to poison control centers in the United States than the other toxic alcohols discussed in this issue.1,154

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