Introduction | Pediatric Ingestions: Emergency Department Management

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Each year in the United States, more than 50,000 children aged < 5 years present to emergency departments (EDs) with concern for unintentional medication exposure.In 2013, United States poison control centers received reports of 1,341,862 exposures in patients aged < 20 years, which accounted for 61.33% of all exposures.Pediatric exposures demonstrate a bimodal pattern, with unintentional exposures in young children and exposures that are more likely to be intentional in adolescents.Although the number of pediatric exposures is large, fatal pediatric ingestions are rare. Children aged < 6 years account for only 1.8% of all toxicologic fatalities reported to United States poison control centers, and patients aged < 20 years account for 6.1%.

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