Epidemiology And Pathophysiology | HIV-Infected Adult Patient

<< The HIV-Infected Adult Patient in the Emergency Department: The Changing Landscape of Disease (Pharmacology CME)

Epidemiology And Pathophysiology

In 2012, there were an estimated 1.2 million persons in the United States aged > 12 years infected with HIV. This estimate includes approximately 160,000 persons (14%) who were unaware of their diagnosis.The high prevalence of undiagnosed HIV underscores the importance of routine HIV testing. Based on 2009-2010 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey data, HIV-infected patients accounted for 5 in 1000 emergency department (ED) visits. Although they had similar acuity to non–HIV-infected patients, they received more diagnostic testing, had longer lengths of stay, and were more likely to be admitted.8

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