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Risk Factors For Pediatric Drowning

Many factors have been studied and determined to contribute to the risk of drowning. One well-studied risk factor for drowning is epilepsy. The risk of drowning for children with epilepsy is hypothesized to be ≥ 4 times that of children without epilepsy.11,12 In a population-based cohort study, children with epilepsy had a relative risk of 13.8 for drowning. Furthermore, children with epilepsy who had drowned tended to be older (aged > 5 years) than children without epilepsy who had drowned. Children with epilepsy aged > 5 years were at a significant risk for bathtub drowning compared to nonepileptic children, with a relative risk of 46.6 for a submersion event and 95.6 for bathtub drowning.

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