<< Current Guidelines On HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis For Nonoccupational Exposures, Including Sexual Assault

Introduction To The Guidelines: HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis

This issue of EM Practice Guidelines Update features 2 recently published guidelines on HIV postexposure prophylaxis: PEP after nonoccupational exposure and PEP after sexual assault. There is obvious similarity between these situations, but the recommendations differ enough that they are treated separately. (Note: Although PEP is an acronym for postexposure prophylaxis, it is often used to refer to prophylaxis in the setting of a healthcare exposure such as a needlestick. The term “nPEP,” as used in the first document below, denotes postexposure prophylaxis for exposures outside of healthcare. However, the second guideline (the guidelines for victims of sexual assault), uses the term PEP instead of nPEP.)

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