LLSA 2020 - Review 6: Nonpenetrating Eye Injuries in Children

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Review 6: Nonpenetrating Eye Injuries in Children


Kaushal H. Shah, MD
Vice Chair of Education, NYP-Weill Cornell Department of Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
Martin F. Casey, MD, MPH
Department of Emergency Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY

About this Review

This article is a review of common nonpenetrating eye trauma often seen in the pediatric population. The article covers the basic eye examination in the emergency setting as well as the diagnosis and management of common ocular pathology, including corneal abrasions, ocular burns, traumatic hyphema, orbital fractures, and subacute pathology (eg, traumatic iritis, retinal detachment). Further discussion focuses on the pharmaceutical options for treating ocular pathology and indications for consultation with ophthalmology and surgery, and hospital admission.

  1. Article Citation
  2. Synopsis
  3. Quick Quiz
  4. Discussion
    1. Corneal Abrasions
    2. Chemical Ocular Burns
    3. Traumatic Hyphema
    4. Orbital Fractures
    5. Traumatic Iritis
    6. Posterior Eye Injuries
  5. Critique
  6. Editor’s Note
  7. Additional Reading
  8. Key Points
  9. Quick Quiz Answers
  10. Figure
  11. Original Article

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