Good SIRS let’s sit on the (q)SOFA and discuss the aMEWSing NEWS (audio lecture)

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Module 3: Good SIRS let’s sit on the (q)SOFA and discuss the aMEWSing NEWS (audio lecture)

In this audio lecture, Dr. Jennifer Axelband of St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, PA, discusses the evaluation of sepsis with the use of SIRS criteria and qSOFA, MEWS, and NEWS scores, including how and when to use the scores.

Figure/Literature Timestamps and References:

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6:32 Modified Early Warning ScoreNational Health Service/Royal College of Physicians

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11:05 Components of SIRS, qSOFA, MEWS, NEWS

11:28 Sep-3 algorithm and SIRS-qSOFA comparison

12:39 Components of SOFA score

13:37 References

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