What’s on the street & What’s in your ED
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What’s on the street & What’s in your ED

It often very hard to target the causative agent, and there are often many at one time.

Treatment is symptomatic relief, protection of patient and staff, and monitoring for end-organ damage.

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Table of Contents
  1. Methoxetamine
  2. Cathinones
  3. Salvia
  4. Kratom



  • Synthetic form of cathinone
    • stimulant derived from Khat plant, native tHorn of Africa
  • Many different forms made by different side chains
    • Varying onset, duration, and effects
  • Mimic effects of MDMA, cocaine, and/or meth
  • Routes: nasal, inhale, IV, pills, alsreported “eyeballing”
  • Clinical effects
    • Hypertension, tachy, hyperthermia
    • Combative, self-mutilation, homicidality
    • Positive: Increased alertness, euphoria, sociability, openness, talkativeness
  • References



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