A 2-year-old girl with upper respiratory infection symptoms — Brain Teaser. Do you know the answer?
April 18, 2019

Posted by Andy Jagoda, MD in: Brain Tease , trackback

Test your knowledge and see how much you know about diagnosing and managing pediatric community-acquired pneumonia.

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The correct answer: B.

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1. Jim Wilde MD, FAAP - April 26, 2019

A bit distressing to see how many would have ordered a chest X-ray. One of the critical concepts a doc must learn is that most febrile pediatric patients do not require intervention from us: no labs, X-rays or antibiotics. As long as they follow the expected natural history of the diagnosed illness (URI, GE, herpangina, slapped cheek, viral pharyngitis, etc) then we should leave them alone. Instructions for supportive care should be our primary input.

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