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Module 17.5: mHealth in Emergency Medicine
Oct 2017
This issue informs emergency clinicians about medical apps that can be utilized to improve patient care during a shift.
Module 17.4: Drowning in Adults and Children: Emergency Department Resuscitation and Treatment (Trauma CME)
Aug 2017
This issue discusses the initial resuscitation and treatment of drowning patients in the emergency department. Primary focus is placed on the key components of pathophysiology that require immediate attention.
Module 17.3: The Initial Approach To Patients With Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (Trauma CME) (Neuro CME)
Jul 2017
In this review, we address current concepts in TBI and present the best evidence for providing efficient and optimal care to patients who are classified in the moderate to severe TBI categories.
Module 17.2: Low Back Pain in the Emergency Department: Differentiating Red Flag Conditions from Benign Causes
Apr 2017
This review explores an evidence-based rationale for the evaluation of the patient with low back pain, and it provides guidance on risk stratification pertaining to laboratory assessment and radiologic imaging in the emergency department.
Module 17.1: Treating Physician Burnout With Mindfulness Training: A Review of the Data and Tools (Ethics CME)
Mar 2017
This module of ED CLEAR gives you strategies to define burnout and its relationship to stress and depression, understand the pathological changes in the associated brain function in burnout, and to self-asses and self-treat for stress and burnout.
Module 16.5: Unscheduled Return Visits: Minimizing Risk With Essential Communication Improvement
Dec 2016
This module of ED CLEAR gives you strategies for estimating risk, avoiding misses, and preventing miscommunication, a common cause of URVs. We review the evidence to highlight clinical and communication best practices.
Module 16.4: Evidence-Based Management Of Suspected Appendicitis
Oct 2016
Appendicitis is the most common surgical disease of the abdomen. This CME module weighs scans vs. scores to reduce risks of radiation, misses and perforations. You'll learn objective, validated, and defensible approaches for improving appendicitis outcomes for adult and pediatric patients.
Module 16.3: Evidence-Based Management Of Skin And Soft-Tissue Infections In The Emergency Department
Aug 2016
Necrotizing fasciitis is the terrorist of skin and soft tissue infections, producing toxins resulting in necrosis and sepsis out of proportion to the number of bacteria present. Of about 3.5 million patients with SSTIs seen in the ED every year, approximately 1/700 will have necrotizing fasciitis. But two-thirds of these cases get missed on first pass. This ED CLEAR module covers clinical practices for diagnosing necrotizing fasciitis as early as possible, significantly improving the odds of a good outcome.
Module 16.2: Evidence-Based Diagnosis And Treatment Of Torsion Of The Spermatic Cord In The Pediatric Patient
Jun 2016
Sometimes scrotal pain is a sign of testicular torsion, but not always. ED CLEAR, a patient safety program, helps ED teams stratify torsion risk and eliminate castration by procrastination.
Module 16.1 Transient Ischemic Attack: An Evidence-Based Update On Diagnosis And Management (Stroke CME)
Feb 2016
Dizziness, headache and nausea can be a TIA or stroke in disguise. ED CLEAR, a blended learning program for ER teams, shows how a good neuro exam trumps MRIs and CTs to strike out strokes.
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