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Drowning In The Adult Population: Emergency Department Resuscitation And Treatment (Trauma CME)
Resuscitating and treating adult drowning patients in the emergency department, including pathophysiology of drowning and concerns such as hypothermia, mechanical ventilation, and trauma.
May 2015
Syncope: Identifying Patient Risk Is Key To Maximizing Effective Treatment May 2015
Septic Shock: Recognizing And Managing This Life-Threatening Condition In Pediatric Patients
How to recognize patients at risk and implement early goal-directed therapy in treatment of pediatric septic shock, plus a review of management pathways.
Apr 2015
Emergency Department Evaluation And Management Of Patients With Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Reviews the common causes of upper GI bleeding, appropriate testing, risk stratification and indication for gastroenterology consult in the emergency department.
Apr 2015
Cellulitis In Hospital Patients: Choosing Antibiotics Wisely, Preventing Readmissions, And Reducing Costs Apr 2015
Emergency Department Management Of Seizures In Pediatric Patients
Seizures account for 1% of all emergency department visits for children, and the etiologies range from benign to life-threatening. The challenge for emergency clinicians is to diagnose and treat the life-threatening causes of seizures while avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure and painful procedures in patients who are unlikely to have an emergent pathology.
Mar 2015
Diagnosis And Management Of Deep Venous Thrombosis In The Emergency Department
This review examines the current literature, evidence, and guidelines in the diagnosis and management of deep venous thrombosis.
Mar 2015
Multicomponent Assessment, Treatment, And Prevention Of Delirium In Hospitalized Patients Mar 2015
Evidence-Based Management Of Skin And Soft-Tissue Infections In Pediatric Patients In The Emergency Department
Summary of common skin and soft-tissue infections in children, with information on common presentations, diagnosis, and treatment. Includes dosing for MSSA, MRSA, and Streptococcal skin infection.
Feb 2015
An Evidence-Based Approach To Managing Asymptomatic Elevated Blood Pressure In The Emergency Department
Guidelines for treating asymptomatic hypertension in the ED, including differentiating hypertensive emergency from poorly controlled hypertension and algorithm for treatment.
Feb 2015
Evidence-Based Hospital Management Of Patients With Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Feb 2015
Evidence-Based Management Of Kawasaki Disease In The Emergency Department
Clinical criteria for diagnosis of complete and incomplete Kawasaki disease, guidelines for treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin
Jan 2015
Clinical Decision Making In Seizures And Status Epilepticus
Current emergency department guidelines for diagnosing patients with seizures and treatment with anticonvulsant therapy.
Jan 2015
Recognizing And Managing Hospitalized Patients Who Are At Risk For Suicide Jan 2015
Emergency Department Management Of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding In Pediatric Patients Dec 2014
Evidence-Based Management Of Acute Hand Injuries In The Emergency Department (Trauma CME) Dec 2014
Hospital Management Of Hypertension: Essential And Secondary Hypertension Dec 2014
Evidence-Based Management Of Neonatal Vomiting In The Emergency Department Nov 2014
Emergency Department Management Of Acute Infective Endocarditis Nov 2014
Hospital Management Of Hypertension: Urgencies And Emergencies Nov 2014
Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma In The Emergency Department: Evidence-Based Management Techniques (Trauma CME) Oct 2014
An Evidence-Based Approach To Diagnosis And Management Of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage In The Emergency Department (Stroke CME) Oct 2014
Evidence-Based Management Of Diabetes Mellitus In Hospitalized Patients Oct 2014
Ventilator Management And Troubleshooting In The Emergency Department Sep 2014
Updated Guidelines For Management Of Acute Cervical Spine And Spinal Cord Injury In Pediatric Patients (Trauma CME) Sep 2014
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Emergency Stroke Care, Advances and Controversies


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