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The 2009 Lifelong Learning And Self-Assessment Study Guide
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The 2009 Lifelong Learning And Self-Assessment Study Guide - $109.00

With The 2009 LLSA Study Guide, You Gain All The Knowledge You Need.

EB Medicine's LLSA Study Guide is designed exclusively to help you save time while preparing for the exam and to gain practical knowledge of the material.

For each of the 16 chosen readings, you receive:

  • A full reprint of the original article.
  • A handy summary of key points so you can get the "must-know" information for each article.
  • A more in-depth discussion to clarify and elaborate on the key points.
  • Sample questions to help you quiz yourself on your knowledge of the material.
  • Answers and explanations to the sample questions that drive home the main points.
  • NEW: A critique of the article that answers the question, "What does this article really tell us?"

Your 2009 LLSA Study Guide is spiral bound and lays flat for studying and is easily portable---so you have all the materials right at your fingertips!

You have ZERO risk. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you receive a full refund immediately. No questions asked.

Click here to view a sample chapter from the 2009 LLSA Study Guide.
Information on the LLSA examination:

The American Board of Emergency Medicine's Continuous Certification (ConCert) program requires the reading of up to 20 designated articles each year. In order to maintain board-certification, Emergency Physicians must complete the annual Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment (LLSA) test on the ABEM website based upon the contents of these articles. A new LLSA test and associated reading list will be developed each year. You have up to three years to take each test. The 2009 LLSA exam will be available from April 2009 until April 2012.

Product Reviews
Douglas Slabaugh, DO - 03/14/2012
I love your study guides! They are the most organized and simple to use study guides that I have used to take the LLSA online tests! Thank you.
Jonathan Wilcher, MD - 03/01/2012
Great format. This is my third year of using this study guide, and I cannot imagine the LLSA process without it. Thanks for the awesome resource.
Michael DiNapoli, MD, FACEP - 11/30/2011
Excellent review, summary, format for retention. Efficient time use. Excellent preparation.
Leonora Gatewood, MD - 02/08/2011
I purchased this product primarily for CME. It is an excellent source; I particularly like the question/answer explanation format, which is a learning tool in itself.
Sharon Kolber, MD - 08/26/2010
Great. Article outlines were helpful. Quizzes were good. Overall excellent resource with CME!
Christine McKain, MD - 04/02/2010
Excellent product! The reviews really helped and made the articles easier to read. The questions really focused on pertinent points of the articles and the review enhanced my learning of the material. Great way to get CME and learn what is needed for the boards at the same time! I'd recommend this to everyone.
David Christiansen, MD - 03/23/2010
The Study Guide effectively helped me take and pass the LLSA test. The synopses were excellant and to the point.
James Schultz, DO - 03/17/2010
Easy to use; informative and useful.
Michael Sims, MD - 01/31/2010
Excellent product. Would highly recommend it to any other physician who is looking for a product that does an excellent job in highlighting the important points of each article.
James A Espinosa, MD - 09/15/2009
The EB Medicine LLSA review product is lucid, efficient and practice-oriented. The content is clearly presented. The layout supports learning. The questions relate to key content. I am impressed with the product, year after year.
Greg Epperson, MD - 08/27/2009
I just took an LLSA exam with your materials. I found the format with the article reviews and the articles in one binder to work very well for me. I anticipated 6-8 hours of testing with multiple test tries just as I had done in the past......well I was very surprised less than 3 hours later passing with 100% on my 2007 LLSA with your materials in hand. The next day I ordered 2008 and 2009. Thank you so much for your product!!
Dean Dobkin, MD, FACEP - 06/25/2009
The EB Medicine LLSA study guides have proven an invaluable resource for taking the LLSA tests. The editorial staff has gathered the needed articles in one convenient collection, and added commentary to help the reader gain the most from each article without wasting time of the "fluff." I have taken more CME courses in my 30 years of practice than I can count. I certified by ABEM, and recertified twice. The EB Medicine Study Guides represent one of the best resources and best values for emergency medicine continuing education. The guides emphasize the information the clinician needs for treating patients or for taking tests, making the learning process as painless and interesting as possible.




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