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Emergency Medicine Practice

Differentiating Types Of Wide-Complex Tachycardia To Determine Appropriate Treatment In The Emergency Department

Due to the potential life-threatening nature of wide-complex tachycardia, emergency clinicians must know how to assess and manage this condition. This review summarizes the differential diagnosis and presents an evidence-based approach to identification of the different types of tachycardias through the use of a thorough history and physical examination, vagal maneuvers, electrocardiography, and adenosine administration.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice

Myocarditis And Pericarditis In The Pediatric Patient: Validated Management Strategies

Myocarditis and pericarditis are rare conditions with often nonspecific presentation in pediatric patients, ranging from mild flu-like symptoms and chest pain to overt heart failure and shock. This review focuses on the aggressive supportive management of heart failure and cardiac tamponade, as well as administration of inotropes and antidysrhythmic medications, and the performance of pericardiocentesis, as indicated.

Hospital Medicine Practice

Sepsis In The Hospitalized Patient: Improving Outcomes With Early Identification And Targeted Treatment

With an annual incidence of 650,000 to 750,000 cases of sepsis per year and annual patient expenditures up to $26 billion per year and rising, sepsis is a significant challenge for hospital physicians. Resuscitation and stabilization of the patient are the primary goals of hospital care, and initial management focuses on prompt and appropriate treatment of infection. This issue reviews the latest evidence in risk stratification, treatment, quality measures, and effective coding and charting of sepsis conditions.

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Our Readers Say It Best:

"Excellent reviews in both pediatric and adult EM situations. It provides an excellent update/review of the EM practice and provides significant CME hours without leaving home. I have retained every copy I have received for the past 5 or so years. The reviews are always up-to-date and accurate and readily applicable to my daily practice. The flow charts are used in my ED every day." -- Stephen Shy, DO, MBA, Huntington, WV

"I love your topics and your evidence-based medicine approach as well as how you cover controversial aspects of each topic. And very importantly, I perceive a very unbiased publication unlike some others. The algorithms are highly appreciated for those of us on the front lines." -- David Wagner, MD, Chino Hills, CA