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Chapters include such vital topics as:

  • The Young Febrile Child: Evidence-Based Diagnostic And Therapeutic Strategies
  • Pharyngitis In The ED: Diagnostic Challenges And Management Dilemmas
  • HIV-Related Illnesses: The Challenge Of Emergency Department Management
  • Antibiotics In The ED: How To Avoid The Common Mistake Of Treating Not Wisely, But Too Well

You receive evidence-based recommendations, designed to improve patient care

These articles include topics that are frequent complaints in any emergency department. Indeed, it is the rare ED shift where a patient with at least one of these complaints does not make an appearance! With potential etiologies ranging from minor illness to serious, life-threatening disorders, these infectious disease emergencies not only present diagnostic dilemmas, but also lend themselves to a variety of management options.

You benefit from a rigorous analysis of the literature, helping you make informed decisions

As the pressure for cost-cutting, standardization of therapies, protocols, and clinical guidelines continues to mount, knowledge of the clinical studies on which these recommendations are based is essential. These thoughtful reviews provide just such a perspective, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your knowledge of the body of literature that supports these guidelines. If a purported “standard of care” is based only on intermediatelevel clinical evidence, these articles will reveal this information. The ultimate goal of this publication is to give you a focused, evidence-based perspective on the most challenging topics in emergency medicine.

Clinical pathways, pitfalls to avoid, and other clinical tools help you incorporate evidence-based decision making into routine clinical practice

In keeping with the evidence-based approach for which Emergency Medicine Practice is known, this volume contains over 500 references. The quantity and depth of background literature that is distilled in each of the articles makes their reading well worthwhile. Each article focuses the body of literature into useful and readily accessible information for the clinician. In addition, this volume offers:

  • Clinical pathways that present solid diagnostic and treatment strategies, with each recommendation for action graded according to strength of evidence.
  • References which present pertinent information such as type of study and number of patients.
  • Tables where key information is condensed in an easy-to-read format.
  • Pitfalls to avoid that provide risk management advice highlighting problem areas that could compromise patient care.
  • Cost- and time-effective strategies that show that saving time and money in the ED doesn't have to mean cutting corners

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